About Us

About Northwest Montessori

Northwest Montessori Preschool was founded by passionate parents that wanted to offer a comprehensive Montessori program for children aged 3-6 years of age from the Moonee Valley, Moreland & surrounding regions. As the first Montessori Preschool in the region we are proud to have our program endorsed by the Montessori Australia Foundation, the governing body for Montessori in Australia and be a member of Montessori Schools and Centres Australia Limited (MSCA)

We also exceed the National Quality Standards set by the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

We welcome children from all nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

The Preschool is guided by the philosophy of Maria Montessori (1870-1952), whose aim was to provide an environment to support the child’s natural potential and love of learning. We aim to work in partnership with parents to provide the best possible environment for children to grow and flourish.

Our Philosophy

“The secret of good teaching is to regard the child’s intelligence as a fertile field in which seeds may be sown, to grow under heat of flaming imagination.  Our aim is not only to make the child understand and still less to force him to memorise but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his innermost core. We do not want complacent pupils but eager ones. We seek to sow life in the child rather than theories, to help him in his growth, mental and emotional as well as physical, and for that we must offer grand and lofty ideas to the human mind”  Maria Montessori


At Northwest Montessori Preschool we believe:

  • All children need to be valued as individuals, within the context of their families and community
  • All children will develop confidence and positive self-esteem through a supportive and secure environment
  • Trust, respect and collaboration form the basis for strong partnerships between families and staff
  • Family involvement is vital to a high quality program
  • Children need opportunities to practice and consolidate their skills and work towards learning outcomes as expressed in the Victorian Early Years Learning and Developmental Framework (VEYLDF), in line with the Montessori Curriculum
  • Diversity should be respected and celebrated
  • Our staff are committed to working in the best interests of the children, families and preschool as a whole
  • In open communication, transparency and confidentiality at all times
  • In best practice, aspiring to become a centre of excellence for Montessori and Early Childhood education
  • In nurturing and establishing relationships within the wider community
  • That ongoing evaluation is essential to create a service that is responsive to the ever changing needs of children, families, staff and the community
  • Our environment encourages children to develop an appreciation for sustainable practices, respect for the natural environment and promotes children’s understanding of the responsibility to care for their environment


Therefore, we:

  • Provide a holistic and inclusive approach to positively support children’s development
  • Encourage children to reach their full potential in accordance with their individual abilities
  • Are committed to open communication with families
  • Encourage families to engage in meaningful participation in the program
  • Implement flexible programs that cater for different teaching approaches and learning styles to benefit children
  • Ensure that reflective practice and observation of children form the basis of our program
  • Provide prepared indoor and outdoor environments to stimulate children’s development
  • Are committed to providing high quality ongoing professional development for staff
  • Participate in community events
  • Continuously evaluate our programs and centre’s goals
  • Encourage sustainable practices in our prepared environment

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an individualised learning environment, that will help every student explore, communicate, work and master skills to their highest potential. We want each student to grow in self-esteem, be well-grounded in academics and love learning. We help develop students into independent, life-long learners who are socially confident about their place in the world giving them a great foundation for life.

Our Approach

Our Montessori & Early Childhood trained educators have extensive Montessori experience & understand the importance of the child’s early years as being the foundation for the child’s future. Our classrooms are fully equipped with a complete set of Cycle 1 Montessori equipment & our natural, stimulating environment allows each child the freedom to develop and learn at their own pace. We work together with families & encourage them to become involved & responsible for their children’s education.

Our Staff

Excellent, Montessori experienced, qualified, motivated teachers are critical to delivering our program each and every day. All of our teachers are people who have demonstrated a love of working with children, and who are great individuals themselves, honest, forward thinking adults who can be great role models with a passion for life.
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Lone Jensen

Centre Senior Directress & Educational Lead

Lone brings vast Montessori experience from Australia and Europe. Throughout her 20+ years teaching in Australia, Denmark and Sweden, Lone has worked with children of many nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. She is fluent in English, Danish and Swedish, and has professional working proficiency in German and French. Lone’s vision for the education of a young child is to provide learning experiences that aid the child’s self-development. Lone believes all children grow when treated with respect, and given time, love and security.

Lone has completed a Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood 0-8, Diploma Early Childhood & Primary Montessori.


Tammy Hollingsworth

Viola Classroom Directress

Tammy Hollingsworth  is an internationally recognised  Montessori Directress with over 28 years of experience working in Montessori. Tammy previously ran her own Montessori Centre in South Africa before pursuing her early childhood career in Melbourne. Tammy's qualification consist of an Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Diploma in Montessori & a Graduate Diploma in Education -Early Childhood. Tammy’s consistent calm & commitment to the children has supported families & colleagues throughout her years at Northwest Montessori.


Jayanthi Udugama

Verde Classroom Directress

Jayanthi has been a Montessori Directress for 33 years & has a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood), a Diploma in Montessori and a Post Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Studies from Melbourne University. She is a strong advocate of Montessori & believes that with proper guidance & encouragement children will develop into confident & motivated learners.


Danielle Dezilva

Rosa Classroom Directress

Danielle being a Montessori child wanted to share her love of learning & starting teaching in 2002 where she has held the position of a Montessori Directress in Sri Lanka & Oman. Danielle holds Associated Montessori Internationale (AMI) Diploma, Diploma in Early Childhood & Care & a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood & Primary).


Radisha Perera

Grigio Classroom Directress

Radisha has over 14 years experience in Montessori teaching. Radisha was selected to migrate to the USA where she had the opportunity to work in a leading Montessori School for 3 years working with children from ages 2 to 5. She also has a family run Montessori Centre currently operating in Sri Lanka. She has Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care, has an Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Diploma in Montessori and is completing her Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood).

Lauren Colvin

Lauren Colvin

Classroom Educator

Lauren Colvin, is a qualified Early Childhood teacher (Bachelor of Early Childhood Education), qualified Montessori Assistant (AMI) and has completed her Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Montessori Diploma.


Dil Wanigatunga

Giallo Classroom Educator

Dil has over 10 years experience in teaching & holds a  Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care & a Diploma in Montessori. She plays an integral role in supporting all the Essendon Educators.


Harjot Kaur

Early Childhood Teacher

Harjot, is a qualified Early Childhood teacher (Bachelor of Education Early Childhood & Primary). Harjot runs our Extended Day & Holiday Program as well as provide educational support for to all the Educators at the Coburg & Essendon Campus.

Our Logo

Our logo represents everything we believe in about Montessori and about our program.

1. The outer circle and hand: This symbolises the environment we create and the nurturing our educators  provide. Like planting a seed the hand ensures all the elements are right in order for it to flourish.

2. The middle tree, branch, child: Represents the child in his second & third year. As he grows we continue to nurture him and watch him blossom, the leaves appear, symbolising the knowledge, grace, courtesy, respect he is learning. As he grows he is ready to lead, to give back to his environment and his community.

3. Child branches on left and right of the middle tree: These symbolise how the older child contributes to the learning of the younger children, as he does this more leaves appear, as his knowledge continues to grow.

4. The inner arc: This symbolises the continual life long learning journey & contribution to the community & the world.