Montessori Curriculum

The Montessori Method

An environment in which children develop the skills and habits for a lifetime of learning and happiness.

The Montessori Method provides the crucial framework a child needs to make the most of their precious early years. It enables development of motor and social skills, to learn handwriting, reading and basic numeracy and to grow into a capable, confident young person eager to explore the fascinating world around them.

Practical Life

Training for Independence

The Practical Life part of our program is aimed explicitly at helping children become independent, so that they neither need nor are constantly seeking the help of adults. As Dr. Montessori put it: “We must help them to learn how to dress and undress, to wash themselves, to express their needs in a way that is clearly understood, and to attempt to satisfy their desires through their own efforts. All this is part of an education for independence.”

Sensorial Activities

Developing active minds, concentration skills and powers of observation

The main purpose of the Sensorial Area is to help the child develop the habit of focusing and concentrating for sustained periods of time. This is accomplished with fascinating materials, that draw natural interest & enable the child to get into a state of flow while manipulating the materials with their hands. These activities develop mental stamina, conceptual thinking skills and concentration skills over time.

Language Activities

The optimal time to learn handwriting and reading

Building vocabulary and learning to read & write are arguably the most important academic skills to acquire. The broader the child's vocabulary, the easier reading comprehension will be later on. We have a number of materials to build up these skills and they are presented around the child's natural interests & abilities enabling them to joyfully learn to read and write before primary school.

Math Activities

Early numeracy through manipulation of concrete materials

Children are fascinated with manipulating things, with patterns, and with small objects. They enjoy repeating activities, and exploring concrete items with their hands. Our Montessori math program builds upon this developmental phase, we introduce preschool children to the fascinating world of numbers through enjoyable activities, which are carefully designed to impart mathematical knowledge.

Cultural Studies

Understanding and enjoying the wondrous world we live ln

Cultural studies involves geography, biology, botany, zoology, art and music. These are presented as extensions of the sensorial and language activities. Children learn about people and cultures in other countries with an attitude of respect and admiration. Through familiarity, children come to feel connected to the global human family. Lessons and experiences with nature inspire a reverence for all life. The art and music programmes give children opportunities to enjoy a variety of creative activities, as well as gain knowledge of the great Masters (e.g. Mozart, da Vinci, etc).


Preparation for the modern world

65% of the jobs our children will eventually work in haven't been invented yet. In preparation for this Primary Schools are introducing students to Computer Programing as a core part of their curriculum. We teach children coding in a hands on manner with self correcting materials and WITHOUT the need for screen time. By the time our children reach Primary School they will already be familiar with; algorithms, queues, debugging, recursions and infinite loops giving them an excellent head start.