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Can Montessori Be Taught Online?

Maria Montessori herself believed that education should be a pliable concept—one that is flexible and can be adapted to meet not only the needs of the child, but the constraints of the environment as well. With the current public health crisis and resulting school closures, you might be asking yourself whether or not Montessori can […]


Brain Matters

Carlota Nelson, in her ground-breaking documentary, answers these questions in an enlightening globe-trotting journey about what truly helps make children realize their full potential. BRAIN MATTERS reveals that learning begins way before children go to school and that it’s the experiences children are exposed to that determine their chances for future success. Everyday situations such […]


Anti-racist resources for Montessori families

Dr Montessori believed in education for peace. I believe in peace. Right now it breaks my heart that people do not feel safe in their own skin. Simone from Montessori Notebook has curated the most useful resources she has found. Follow the links that feel good for you where you are on your racial justice […]


Connecting the Brain to the Rest of the Body

A growing understanding of how responsive relationships and language-rich experiences for young children help build a strong foundation for later success in school has driven increased investment and sparked innovation in early learning around the world. The rapidly advancing frontiers of 21st-century biological sciences now provide compelling evidence that the foundations of lifelong health are […]


Montessori Classroom Principles Work at Home, Too!

A Montessori child chooses independent geography work using simple, screen-free materials at home. As we continue to work and learn during school closures, it is helpful to remember a few simple Montessori classroom principles that can be applied at home. Time In Montessori classrooms, children are not rushed—there is an uninterrupted work period all morning […]


5 Ways Montessori Can Support Social Distancing

Schools across the country are desperately trying to work out how social distancing could work this winter and into spring. With no timescale for when the Covid-19 crisis will end, it is not just a question of meeting government guidelines but allaying the fears of parents now and well into the future. Many people will […]


How Does COVID-19 Relate to Child Development?

You’ve almost certainly heard of COVID-19 at this point. In fact, your life is probably very different than it was before the outbreak. You may be one of the billions of people around the world being asked to stay home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. These stay-at-home orders mean children […]


Distance Learning in Times of Disaster

By Letty Rising and Elizabeth Slade Without warning, children across the country have experienced a dramatic shift in how they participate in daily learning. In addition, children who relied on social service connections and food service programs provided at school were suddenly without these essential resources.   Educators have put their heads together to experiment […]


Does Montessori Ever Close?

Human Tendencies In A Time Of Pandemic   No seriously, bear with me here. Of course Montessori doesn’t ever close, right? Because Montessori is about serving life and serving the child. Its not about classrooms and schools, even though that’s where we tend to practice it. So if Montessori never closes, what do Montessori people […]


Interactive Online Montessori Tools

Software engineer Ryan Nevius of created an interactive, online Peg Board and Stamp Game to support Montessori educators, students and parents worldwide during the COVID-19 lockdown. He plans to add more tools, what a great initiative ! Visit:  

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COVID-19 – We Are One Global Family

The Coronavirus is a Stark Reminder We Are One Global Family An Article by: Andrew Kutt What a difference a month makes.  The whole world is reacting to a pandemic of a previously unknown virus.  It’s an emergency on a global scale, dominating every news cycle. It’s the subject of conversations over coffee counters at 7-11 […]


“Hello! I am the Coronavirus”

Dear families and educators, Manuela Molina from Mindheart has built this short book for children between 2 and 7 years old with the purpose of anticipating and accompanying the emotional world of children against the COVID-19 virus. This resource does not seek to be a source of scientific information but rather a tool based on […]


Time’s Woman of the Year – Maria Montessori

In thousands of classrooms around the world, as children work independently to solve math problems with beads and learn the alphabet with sandpaper letters, their activities can be traced back a century to Maria Montessori’s radical educational philosophy. One of the first female physicians in Italy, Montessori developed early-childhood teaching methods that made the student a respected […]

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Montessori Glossary: 20 Montessori Words and Concepts

The Montessori method is full of insights into parenting, teaching, and learning. Here is a Montessori glossary to help you get familiar with this brilliant and proven educational methodology.   First, who was Dr. Maria Montessori? Dr. Montessori created the Montessori method. She was the first female doctor in Italy, and overcame many obstacles (like […]


5 Montessori Ways to Show Love

As parents, our interest in Montessori comes always from a place of love–expressed as a desire to provide the best environment possible for our baby’s learning! Montessori is sometimes known as “education for peace,” which intimately connects it with love. Maria Montessori, the founder of the Montessori curriculum and an expert on early childhood development, […]


Montessori Movie – Melbourne Premiere

The first ever documentary film on Montessori education – as lived by the children themselves. Director Alexandre Mourot spends a year filming a class in which students direct their own learning. As a young father, watching his daughter go through her life experiences, Mourot discovered the Montessori approach and decided to set his camera up […]


The Brain Circuits Underlying Motivation

What is motivation? The brain systems that govern motivation are built over time, starting in the earliest years of development. These intricate neural circuits and structures are shaped by interactions between the experiences we have and the genes we are born with, which together influence both how our motivation systems develop and how they function […]


Planes of Development

Dr Montessori outlined four consecutive planes, or stages, of development from birth to maturity, each plane spanning approximately six-years. At each plane of development children and young people display intellectual powers, social orientations and creative potential unique to that stage. Each plane is characterised by the way children in that plane learn, building on the […]


Montessori activities at 3 to 6 months

I regularly get asked by people what activities might be suitable for their child. So over the coming newsletters, I’ve decided to make a Montessori shelfie by age group. Hopefully this will be a helpful resource over the coming months. Also, don’t forget I put together this free 42-page download for you of Montessori activities […]


Packing School Lunches

Montessori-Inspired Tips to Get Preschool Kids Involved in Making Lunches Tips abound online on what healthy foods to pack into your preschooler’s school lunch (see articles here, here, here, here—or just Google “packing school lunches”), yet rarely does anyone ask the question of who should be packing the lunch. What can and should your child’s […]


Applying Montessori at home

“Can we apply the Montessori approach at home if our child doesn’t go to Montessori school?” Isn’t it funny how there seems to be one question everyone is asking at the same time. The last two weeks this is what I keep hearing… “We can’t afford a Montessori school”/”We don’t have a Montessori school in […]


Celebrating 150 Years

The 31st August 2020 is 150 years since the birth of Maria Montessori. Montessori was ahead of her time in her research, educational approach and pioneering work for social reform. The work of Montessori today continues to motivate people to change the world for the better and has impacted the lives of children and teachers […]


Our Favourite Montessori Podcasts

With the explosion in podcast popularity we thought we would list our favourite’s for Montessori inspiration. Baan Dek Montessori  Montessori Education with Jesse McCarthy Dr Montessori’s Own Handbook The Art of Parenting Let us know if you have come across other great podcasts we should share with our community. Great Podcasts for (Montessori) Kids Do […]


How Positive Discipline changed my life

I’m often asked, “What is Positive Discipline?” For me, and I don’t mean to be too dramatic, it was a rude awakening, changed my life and saved it at the same time. Let me explain… I discovered Positive Discipline during my first year working in a mixed age Montessori classroom. At 43, I had decided […]


Happy Birthday Maria Montessori

August 31st is a special day. Maria Montessori would have turned 149. She passed in 1952, but her legacy lives on. Children all over the world are working daily in classrooms just like the one she cobbled together in 1907. Adults are witnessing the same discoveries she made. Generations later, has childhood really changed all […]


4 Reasons Why Montessori is Relevant Today

Here we are in Maria Montessori’s birthday month! Her 149th birthday would have been at the end of this August. And while her career began in the 19th century, we believe that Montessori education is more relevant today than ever, not only because of the needs of our world, but also because of research that […]

How to Deal With a Child’s Aggressive Behavior

When I’m upset — insert also overwhelmed, exhausted, angry, impatient — it takes me awhile to work through it. It’s not easy for me to simply shake it off, restrain or ignore however I’m feeling either. I need time to reflect, talk about and work through strong emotions, and I need empathy in that, too. […]


Five tips to bring Montessori Home

Families want to be supportive of their children’s development. We all get the same 24 hours in the day, so whether our work is unpaid as a primary caregiver or takes us outside the home for most of the day and many special occasions, between chores and school and sleep and the zillion other unnameable […]


When We Get Mad at Children

Most of us who work with children and/or have children of our own know well that little boys and girls are not the only ones who can find it challenging to handle anger and stress. We can too, of course. A significant challenge when being around children can be stress. That stress has many different […]


From Minecraft to Montessori

Clive Thompson, the science and technology writer, wrote a piece in The New York Times, entitled, The Minecraft Generation. In the article, he sought to offer a cultural commentary on what could broadly be defined as how children are learning in the digital world. His use case? Minecraft, the computer game that has become a […]


7 Best Books about Montessori & Child Development

There are so many incredible options out there if you want to read more about Montessori and early childhood development. Here are 7 best books on the magic of the first years of childhood  These are Montessori classics that you will love, covering everything from how to incorporate Montessori in your home, to Montessori theory, […]


They’re Called Guides

There’s this beautiful quote from Dr. Montessori’s Words of Advice to Teachers, published 95 years ago. “She must give her lesson, plant the seed and then disappear; observing and waiting, but not touching.” May 6th marks the anniversary of Dr. Montessori’s passing, and, like many dates of note, often has us feeling a bit sentimental. We’re […]

Child Cleaning Plant

Why do we have plants in the classroom ?

A quick glance into many Montessori classrooms will showcase not just students, guide, materials, and furniture, but also often plants. Why is that? Does the teacher just like ferns, or is there a reason? As usual, there is always a reason in Montessori. For why we have plants, there are several reasons! Let’s explore those together. […]


Montessori, Work.

What do you think of when you think of work? What do your family members, colleagues, peers, employees, and children say or think? If you google, “define work,” you will come up with a definition that you will probably find surprising. Using the word work as a verb, it states, “be engaged in physical or […]