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Montessori, Marie Kondo and Minimalism

Montessori. Marie Kondo. Minimalism. Three ideas which support each other quite well. So much so that soon after Marie Kondo published her book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying” in 2014, I added a bonus lesson in my Montessori spaces e-course about how we could use these ideas to help us get rid of the […]

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Modern writing in Montessori

We’re very concerned with preparing children for the future. It’s a very unsteady time to be a parent. The world has changed more in the past ten years than in the past hundred, and things really aren’t slowing down. We’re using more technology for more common daily activities, and one thing is for sure, it’s […]


Why Montessori?

Why would I want to send my child to a Montessori? What do you offer that a childcare/family day care program/staying home with a primary caregiver doesn’t? These are such natural questions. With an abundance of options, wanting to prepare our children the best we can for an unknown future, and no clear right or […]


Walking on the line

The Ellipse is a line on the floor of the classroom. It is sometimes in tape, and sometimes painted. Occasionally, classrooms will have different or additional shapes, but the choice of an ellipse is very purposeful; more on that later. A child removes their shoes to carefully walk on the line. First they’ll walk using […]


Beautiful Consequences

Consequence seems like such a negative phrase. Consequence is punishment, punitive, prison. I’m going to make you regret that mistake. You’ll absolutely learn from this experience, and I’m going to make sure of it. Consequence has no innate negativity. The definition is, “a result or effect of an action or condition.” There’s nothing bad about […]


Montessori for the Digital Age

Montessori Australia recently hosted the “Montessori for the Digital Age Forum” featuring the noted digital parenting educator Dr Kristy Goodwin. In her workshop entitled “Plugged-in Childhoods”, Montessori leaders and educators were given evidence-based research and practical information about raising healthy children in the digital world. We present some of her tips here and would encourage […]


The Northwest Difference

What Sets Northwest Montessori Apart From Other Montessori Schools? If you are reading this, you may be looking for a preschool–and may be curious about whether Montessori is a preschool education that makes sense for your family. As you research Montessori, it is important to know that Montessori isn’t a trademarked term, nor a franchised […]


Encouraging the Scientist in Your Preschooler

If you follow the discussions about education reform and improvement, you will have heard much about the poor performance of Australian. students in the STEM fields—Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. Whilst there is promise in some of the recommendations in Gonski 2.0 & the promotion of coding activities in Primary School, we feel there should […]


The Value of Unstructured Time

A common question we get asked by first year parents is What would I do to keep my children entertained without a screen? And: What if there is nothing more productive for them to do than use an iPad—wouldn’t it better to have a quality app than boredom and whining? For some well-meaning, busy parents, […]


Montessori Grit

Many of us, in a quest for physical and mental fitness, in a desire to push ourselves through uncomfortable situations, and in pursuit of saying “i did it!” Have taken to signing up for spartan races, marathons, warrior dashes, triathlons, ragnar relays, and 100 km bike rides, etc. There is something about preparing to climb […]


Montessori & Technology

What do you think Montessori would say about Technology if she was alive today ? Would she condemn it, as being overly commercialised and abstract? Or would she embrace it, recommending the purchase of iPads in all of her schools? We think she’d see the issue in the same way she saw the role of […]