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Please remember to read the FAQ , program & enrolment overview pages as these contain answers to the most common questions.

  • We are accepting registrations for 2026 & beyond
  • In-Person Tours are offered to families one term in advance of their eligible start date, this is to reduce the interruption to the attending children & staff.
  • Offers for 2025 will be made in Term 3. If you did not receive an offer that means all available places were filled by families that registered before you.  Your child will remain on the wait-list until a place becomes available or they are school age.
  • Alternate Montessori schools can be found on the Montessori Australia website.
  • If you have been referred to our program please let us know who it was and the year the child attended.

For any other enquiry please feel free to enter your details below. Thank you 🙂